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After Action Report

Vyshus, Dec 8, 12 7:29 PM.
AAR: 12/7/3049 Field Practice

 HoS forces did several drops allied with forces from the 6th Lyran Guards. Results were mixed while attempting to counteract the recently equipped Guardian ECM suites that are prevalent on today's battlefield.

Vyshus' items of note:
1. Distractions from light mechs drawing of our main force needs to be recognized by everyone. This tactic is employed heavily in 8 man drops.
2. Atlases are all over the place now. To beat what are essentially assault heavy lances, better tactics and combination of teamwork and precise targeting need to be called out by a single designated person who is not in a role that requires extra attention, like scouting or countermeasures.
3. Tactics from the old days still work. Enemy lances usually target the mech closest to them. Some of our Atlas pilots may want to consider maxing armor out on one side of the mech to torso twist and function primarily as a shield/distraction.

Web Site: All Systems Nominal

Vyshus, Dec 4, 12 5:45 PM.
Welcome to the House of Shadows website.

For now this is our temporary home until such time as we can figure out a hosted solution that will meet our needs and we can get a new front end loaded on.

For now...

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